ETIQA-AZKA Corner @ IPG Pulau Pinang

ETIQA-AZKA Corner @ IPG Pulau Pinang

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  • June 3, 2023
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The 12th AZKA Corner was established in collaboration with Etiqa Takaful. It was established at the Perpustakaan Za’ba, Institut Pendidikan Guru (IPG) Kampus Pulau Pinang (IPG Pulau Pinang).

This is the 2nd time AZKA Corner has been established in Pulau Pinang.


  1. This corner requires to provide a conducive environment for students to generate creative ideas to produce skilled future teachers
    communicate, think critically and apply teamwork when students serve in public service later.
  2. A space that allows students to have discussions, brainstorming, and deliberations informally to get results according to one of the elements in the concept of Design Thinking.
  3. A relaxed equipment and facilities and a comfortable environment attract students to conduct group discussions in a relaxed manner while helping the students in honing their skills & talents to ensure student success and quality schools.
  4. This corner is also to help students apply PDP concepts and best practices when serving as an educator later.



The impact of this joint venture is to bring Etiqa Takaful and AZKA-PPZ closer together with the community, in addition to spreading Islamic financial preaching among students and academics and bringing related books so that they are easily accessible to the students and scholars.



This effort is not a one-off effort, but rather the latest publications related to Zakat and waqf, especially those published by AZKA-PPZ itself, will donate at least twice a year regularly to IPG Pulau Pinang, to be placed in the AZKA Corner space.