Seminar Maya Maqasid Syariah & Tadbir Urus (SEMASYUR)

Seminar Maya Maqasid Syariah & Tadbir Urus (SEMASYUR)

8 Dec 2020

Akademi Zakat (AZKA) in collaboration with JMIFR (USIM), INCEIF and and Amanie Group will organize Seminar Maya Maqasid Syariah & Tadbir Urus (SEMASYUR) on08 Disember 2020 (Tuesday).

This conference is the first to be made online by AZKA. There are two sessions will take place during the program which are the morning session is AZKA Talk Session and the afternoon session is  Parallel Session.

SEMASYUR 2020 will provide a platform for academician, students, and researchers to explore contemporary models and innovations that can be applied by Zakat Institutions to achieve the best governance structure

As known that Maqasid Syariah is the foundation in ensuring the welfare of mankind.  However, does all Islamic Finance institutions applied this foundation in their governance. This SEMASYUR is establish to learn more on this topic.

SEMASYUR objective are:

  1. To explore Maqasid Syariah model in Zakat Institution governance
  2. To share research finding related to Zakat Institution governance
  3. To establish networking with Industry and Universities

AZKA Talk Session

Parallel Session

Theme: Management

Theme: Innovation, Practice and Education