AZKA Live Webinar Rahsia Jimat Cukai With LHDN

AZKA Live Webinar Rahsia Jimat Cukai With LHDN

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7 Apr 2022

Income tax is a payment imposed by the government on income received in Malaysia. Income tax is imposed on individuals and non -individuals which is enforced under the Income Tax Act 1967. The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) is appointed by the government as the agency to enforce the act and collect taxes on behalf of the government.

When we heard the word TAX, most of the person will feel not comfortable. In fact, those who are not from the taxpayer class will quickly run away from this hot issue. 

In fact, the issue of taxes is a good topic and should be taken seriously by all individuals who are generating income, especially entrepreneurs and those who own businesses. In fact, you do not have to be afraid of TAXES because many reliefs have been given by the government to Malaysians. Zakat is one of them!

What are the other tax reliefs?

Let’s find out by joining the AZKA Live Webinar “RAHSIA JIMAT CUKAI”

AZKA Live Webinar brings a panel:

  • Ahmad Nizzam bin Salim & Mohd Nizan bin Md Yusop  (Senior Tax Executive LHDN)
  • AZHAN BIN ISMAIL (Cheif Finance Officer, Zakat Collection Center, PPZ-MAIWP)

Live Recording:


Presentation Paper

Rahsia Jimat Cukai Tahun 2021

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