AZKA research interview session between Akademi Zakat (AZKA-PPZ) and Accounting Research Institute (ARI, UiTM) with Haji Norma Yahya, General Manager, Information Communication Technology, PPZ-MAIWP . This interview was conducted by ARI, UiTM with the research entitled “Regulatory Framework and Governance of Zakat Institutions in Malaysia”.

The main objectives of this research are:

  • To research the latest PPZ governance framework which covers the shortcomings faced by PPZ in ensuring that they are accountable and accountable to their stakeholders.
  • To disclose whether the governance body in PPZ has performed its fiduciary duties effectively and played a role in organizing and monitoring the activities of PPZ in meeting legal and ethical standards
  • To analyze the state of PPZ’s latest financial reporting practices in ensuring transparency to stakeholders
  • To study the current digital transformation in PPZ for effective governance

We hope that the outcome from the interview session will help researcher to be successful with their research.